Angelium Wallet

Human is finally in a time when the virtual world
and the real world intersect
Become an “angel” that guides human
Gather the Heavenly Drop “ANX”

Follow the secrets hidden in the different dimension paradise “Heaven”!
Based on state-of-the-art blockchain technology and XR technology
Next generation of cross reality entertainment
“ANGELIUM” kick over!

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World’s first game by VR DAPP!

It corresponds to D-APP completely controlled by a smart contract on the blockchain, and the world’s first VR. Big chance of a 95% reduction rate!

World-class team composition!

The creators of the leading movie of the virtual world “The Matrix”,
the 3DCG team of the movie “GANTZ” and”The Dragon Gabe”
Also the wallet engineers of Cardano gather up!

Preferential bonus for early entry!

Many great benefits for early entry users!
Earn ANX everyday by Heaven Drop full of limited-time bonuses!

User flow

Users of ANGELIUM will be “angels”, who can enjoy the fun and play while increasing their crypto assets

Become an angel and get ANX on HEAVEN!
Once you register then
you’re already an angel!
Let’s take advantage of “Heaven”
and Get ANX every day!

Rank up by enlarging your fellow angels!
Build your downline
And Heaven drop will increase rapidly!
As the Rank goes up, there are dozens of opportunities

Get more ANX with various VR games!
Slots, Roulette, Cards etc
Loaded with immersive games on VR.
Grab a chance and win ANX again!

The theme is Macau in the virtual world! 95% reduction rate
Grab a victory in a game of perfect justice
Reproduce the game that everyone in the world can play simultaneously on VR and smart contract.
New titles will be added one after another.

Angel’s wallet
A wallet that connects the real world and heaven. The person who got this becomes an angel and departs for a journey to Heaven.
Main function: Earn 4.5%-12.0% ANX monthly

Holy exchange
Interact with friends all over the world, exchange assets and information,
Collect ANX while playing the game.
Main function: Exchanging Assets within the Exchange
108% to 130% ANX earned by Exchange’s assets Heaven

Metaverse Genesis
Finally, the Heavens Door opens, and Angel travels back and forth between the virtual world and the real world while searching for the hidden truth of this world
Main function:
You can freely act and create something in virtual space.
Exchange of ANX and equity token ANL

  1. Entertainment platform
    Various XR content including games
    It will be added more and more.
  2. Heaven
    By adding assets to Heaven
    Anx will be dropped every day.
  3. Exchange( / OTC )
    Various crypto assets including ANX
    You can trade with the other crypto assets.
    A new form of entertainment that allows you to increase your assets

HEAVEN 30 30 days
0.15% / Day
4.5% / Month

Another Heaven

0.2% / Day
6% / Month

HEAVEN 60 60 days
0.2% / Day
6% / Month

Another Heaven

0.25% / Day
7.5% / Month

HEAVEN 90 90 days
0.3% / Day
9% / Month

Another Heaven

0.4% / Day
12% / Month

$30,000 worth of assets to Another Heaven
Get $10,800 worth of ANX for 90 days
By continuing HEAVEN at the end of the period, it becomes “Another Heaven” and the amount of heaven drop ANX increases.
Just hold the asset on HEAVEN and you will receive ANX every day!

0.15%-0.4% every day

ANX given daily is exchangeable
It can be exchanged by OTC for the other cryptocurrencies such as BTC and ETH

Profit from price increase of ANX
There is first-mover
advantage for early entry users!

Exchangeable for other crypto assets after HEAVEN
Select a currency and risk hedge is possible

More deals by Another Heaven
If you add ANX that has finished first Heaven into Another Heaven, you can get up to 9% / month → 12% / month!

Exchange Token Example
It’s unlike regular cryptocurrency, an exchange token scheme that grows with transaction fees that occur regardless of the market, but rather

01.Exchange major crypto and ANX
Users are always able to exchange between major currencies and ANX

02.Get bonus ANX on Heaven
Earn up to 30% bonus ANX by saving the ANX

03.Distributing profits by according to the amount of heaven.
You earn bonus ANX and also the sales, transaction fee of by according to the amount of Heaven

04.Price hike
ANX’s value is likely to rise as the demand for ANX increases for revenue sharing and at the same time the Heaven ratio also increases

The price of ANX also rises as the number of users increases!

Overall Summary

❶ Lock the asset (encrypted asset) in the wallet (30 days to 90 days) to start earning ANX! (Monthly interest-12%)
→ ANX is granted at a monthly interest rate of 4.5% to 12% for principal, and can be exchanged
and withdrawn for BTC, ETH, etc. even before the exchange opens.

❷ After opening the exchange, lock ANX (30 to 90 days) and grant ANX a bonus! (108% to 130%)ANX price is very easy to go up by the high lock ratio
→ Profit will be distributed by major coins such as BTC and ETH and The mechanism that

❸ It’s possible to exchange that has risen ANX for ANL token which can be earned the dividend for the entire business of Angelium
→ You can quit ANL or you may continue to receive profit from business income (digital assets)

❶ Get tokens every day that you can expect price increases with almost no risk

❷  Expected to increase the value of tokens while safely recovering the investment

❸  It is also possible to earn continuous business revenue with operate the increased assets in the long run in step 2

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